Fried & Grilled Chicken

in 7

Exciting Flavours!

Mouth-Watering Eats & Treats

We always use local Chicken and fry in 100% Canola Oil.
No added lard of any kind!

nut date milkshake kulfi

Our Desert Pies & Milkshakes are Tastier & Healthier.
NO added White or Refined Sugar. They are sweetened with Dates, Honey & Raw Cane Sugar.

chicken stew haleem royal

Exciting NEW Mouth-Watering Sides like Royal Chicken Stew. Fiber & Protein-Packed with Lentils, Chicken & Barley. Once you try it, there is no going back!

major joy surrey restaurant

Major Joy’s Mission

Canada’s diverse population brings us a myriad of flavours.
At Major Joy, our mission is to bring you the joy of exciting new flavours using fresh, high quality and healthier ingredients – and do so quickly and conveniently.

Liberate your taste buds and venture beyond ‘Classic’ and ‘Spicy’.
See you soon!